Echelon’s RIA M&A Deal Report for 2020


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For the wealth management industry, 2020 will be remembered as the most remarkable period of M&A in the industry’s history to date. M&A activity levels reached a new all-time high in 2020 – the eighth consecutive year that the number of deals in the industry has increased. This is an incredible accomplishment given the record levels of market volatility experienced earlier in the year and its its against the backdrop of a pandemic-induced global economic slowdown that caused M&A activities in many other industries to come to a halt.

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     Dan Seivert – CEO of ECHELON Partners

ECHELON Partners recently released the inaugural ECHELON RIA M&A DealBook, a proprietary report designed to capture the key transactions and deal trends amongst RIA, broker dealer, hybrid advisor, wealthTECH and investment management companies.

The DealBook provides executives with an effective tool to understand the prevailing M&A environment by organizing precise research and analysis related to companies in the wealth & investment management industries, including coverage of wealthTECH (a subsector of FinTech) and breakaway M&A activity.

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