We consult with teams considering breaking away from the traditional "brokerage" model and starting their own RIA. We lead with capital, but we do more than deliver Capital Solutions to start-ups. We advise, we consult, and we help facilitate the successful launch of a new RIA.

We are focused on advisor(s), and RIA's, with a minimum of $400 million in assets under management. Additionally, one of our Middle Office partners is exclusively focused on the ultra-high-net-worth sector of the industry and requires a $1billion aum minimum.

Our resource partners provide the following services to teams that choose to affiliate with us:

  • Legal and accounting advice around the formation of your RIA.
  • Strategic advice around the optimal approach to bringing in start-up capital.
  • Access to capital (debt and equity).
  • Strategic advice and execution assistance for the infrastructure build-out of your RIA.
  • Strategic advice regarding the choice of a middle office partner, including the critical data needed to make the decision to NOT use a middle office partner.
  • Strategic advice on the best long term monetization strategy including the pluses and minuses to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Access to merger and acquisition opportunities.
  • Elimination of start-up related expenses.
  • Transition-year cash flow protection.