Pro Forma

We prepared a sample Enterprise Valuation Report for the purposes of illustrating how we would help you model and track your business. You can view the sample report page from the site menu above (P&L Modeling / Sample EVR) or by clicking HERE.

As you build your business you can track your costs by category to see how you are trending vs your original EVR, but perhaps of equal interest to the founder(s), the business's "book value" can be charted and tracked. Partners come and go, debt gets added and debt gets retired, and just like with any business, it is critically important to know precisely how valuable the business is, at any given time.

Our model at riaCS is designed to help businesses grow through acquisition. We provide expert advice and legal counsel. We provide prospective acquisition targets, and we help arrange financing.

The Sample EVR relies on the following assumptions:

  • $6.5million top line revenue
  • $1billion in assets
  • 2 partners
  • 4 staff
  • $5million start-up loan

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