We know you have a lot of Questions

...and so do we. Let's have a conversation, and see if there's any reason to get together. While you're here, just click on the questions below to see answers to some commonly asked questions.

How can we communicate with riaCS confidentially?

You will need to trust us. We can take an old-school oath of confidentiality for our initial conversation/meeting, but if we go forward we will need to co-sign a mutual NDA. Keep in mind, we also have a lot to lose if you don't honor our side of the confidentiality agreement.

Why do you have a billion-dollar aum minimum?

We will work with smaller teams as pre-launch Consultants, with or without a middle office partner, but our capital partners won't commit their money unless they see a monetization event happening within 5 years , and the best multiples (on ebitda) are being paid for the $2 billion+ teams. They will look at a smaller deal if they see an opportunity to merger it up to the multi billion level. (Yes, we used merger as a verb).

How does riaCS get paid?

in the independent space, the custodians do the "paying". We have a standard basis points agreement with 6 different custodians. In the event a resource partner wants to pay us, we will probably turn it down. (Unless the RIA breakaway team green lights it) Additionally, one of our lenders pays us 100bps if they end up lending money to one of our RIA breakaway teams. We are also in discussions to be paid a placement fee by our equity capital providers , but we won't be asking for more than 200bps. Everything is disclosed to our RIA breakaway teams. Everything.

Who do you compete with?

That's a complicated question since there is no company that is doing what we are doing, all under one roof. Our resource partners and capital partners compete with a whole host of companies and wealthy investors. We can't speak to this subject in writing.

Does riaCS charge the team for its services?

We have a menu of services we provide, we can discuss during our initial phone meeting. We need to get paid. We provide a tremendous amount of value and we don't do it for free. Just like the financial advisors don't advise for free. But, there are lots of ways for us to get paid and we will discuss all during our phone call. Just like any good law firm or consulting firm, we need to first prove we can deliver value way before we can ask for money. .