Done Deals

We are going to follow significant deals done in the RIA M&A space, but with this caveat: our clients are financial advisors in the big traditional wirehouses and boutiques. They can't really relate to AMG buying Veritable or even Boston Private buying Banyan. Those were significant deals with big money changing hands. But they are not deals that our clients can relate to.

We are tracking deals that involve former grid-paid financial advisors like David Hou and Todd Morgan and Paul Tramontano and Jeff Collin. Those deals are relevant. And by the way, worth noting, each deal was north of $115million.

Date Buyer Seller Info Link Price
6/2015 First Republic Constellation Click for Press Release $115,000,000
4/2015 AMG Baker Street Click for Press Release $115,000,000
9/2013 Fiera Capital Bel Air Click for Press Release $125,000,000
11/2012 First Republic Luminous Click for Press Release $125,000,000
12/2000 State Street Bel Air Click for Press Release $217,000,000