Our Capital partners

Negotiating capital solutions is a confidential process that involves the sharing of intimate financial information, yours and ours. After executing a mutual NDA, you will work closely with Echelon Capital Partners to explore all equity investor strategies and capital sources (ours, and others).

Taking an equity partner into any "family owned" business is always difficult. We will do more than deliver possible equity partners; we will deliver advice and solutions around this very difficult aspect to a new business launch, or mature business monetization.

Ultimately, all loans, including the Employee Forgivable Loan everyone signs when they enter into a traditional 9yr deal from a brokerage firm, are personally guaranteed. Try leaving a wirehouse without honoring the terms of the original deal.

Our two main lenders are delivering very favorable and creative loan terms to our clients. We will reveal specific investor and lender identities, terms and metrics, once our confidential relationship is confirmed.

Please view the "Our Approach" page for more info on how riaCapitalSolutions works.