This questionnaire will help us populate the primary fields needed to generate a projected Enterprise Valuation Report. Please fill this out with the understanding that it will only be viewed by Jeff Bischoff.

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We will ask for help from outside firms that provide us with:

  • Real estate pricing by zip code
  • Money manager pricing
  • Custody pricing

After we build your EVR we will contact you to arrange a good time and venue to review the report. Please remember to fill in your preferred contact information before pressing Submit.

NOTE: Since there are so many discretionary and variable inputs for a team's specific business, this initial pro forma should be viewed as a rough draft from which the final EVR will be generated.

The exercise is intended to illustrate the cash flow impacts of borrowing start-up capital, selling equity, buying other businesses, etc.

It is important to note that your EVR will be used by our capital resource partners (debt and equity providers) to better enable them to assess the opportunity to lend to, or buy into, your new business.

Please understand that further due diligence, on both sides, is needed to be able to decide on a specific Capital Solution.

Here are some questions...